Due to the current pandemic restrictions, we have had to stop all our fundraising efforts for sick and terminally ill children. However we still have overheads to pay out pay out each month: Rent (no grant as we are in an industrial unit), tax and insurance on our van, maintenance etc. 
I know that things are difficult for everyone, but if you could donate something no matter how small it would help keep the charity going until we can get back to normal fund-raising. 
Many Thanks - Gerald Degnan 
In July 1993 Eilish Degnan was diagnosed with terminal Cancer of the Stomach and given at most 3 weeks to live by Doctors treating her condition. Some fourteen years later and to the bewilderment of all the medical professionals surrounding her, Eilish was still going strong. But in 2008 Eilish was re-diagnosed and again the condition was terminal. In June 2008 she passed away quietly in her home with her family and friends beside her. 
Through the inspirational spirit of Eilish Degnan this Cancer Foundation was formed and we have set ourselves clear and simple goals: 
“To raise funds to aid and help the children suffering from all forms of terminal illness and their families. To give them a brief respite from the daily burden of this debilitating disease with day trips, holidays or even meet with their heroes… bringing a little happiness into their lives.” 
As a non-profit organisation we are dedicated to our work and are acutely aware that although the UK have some of the most dedicated professionals available we also have one of the highest cancer mortality rates


Hero’s come in many sizes, shapes and forms.  
My mum would be my first and biggest hero, along with people like Joey and Robert Dunlop. 
But I would like to say that all the children and their families that I meet through this foundation are also real heroes! 
Have your ever considered how much of a difference you can make by making even the smallest of contributions? 

2021 - Easter Egg Collection 


How can you help?  Very Easily  

We are always looking for volunteers for our fund raising activities. Everyone is welcome at the events we organise to raise funds to help those children who are in need of our help most. If you’d like to contribute to our organisation, you can become a member or simply make a donation using this page or 
By contacting us at: 
E-mail: | Or use our online contact form
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